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42nd Period
(1st-Half 2022)

Fiscal Period Fiscal Period Results Investor Presentation NBF Report
(Semi-Annual Report)
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41st Period
2nd-Half 2021
PDF[0.4MB] PDF[4.8MB] PDF[4.9MB] excel
40th Period
1st-Half 2021
PDF[0.4MB] PDF[7.5MB] PDF[3.1MB] excel
39th Period
2nd-Half 2020
PDF[0.4MB] PDF[3.0MB] PDF[3.3MB] PDF(correction)
38th Period
1st-Half 2020
PDF[0.7MB] PDF[3.0MB] PDF[5.4MB] excel
37th Period
2nd-Half 2019
PDF[0.6MB] PDF[5.2MB] PDF[4.8MB] excel
36th Period
1st-Half 2019
PDF[0.5MB] PDF[2.8MB] PDF(correction)
PDF[4.3MB] excel
35th Period
2nd-Half 2018
PDF[0.6MB] PDF[5.6MB] PDF[4.2MB] excel
34th Period
1st-Half 2018
PDF[0.6MB] PDF[5.4MB] PDF(correction)
PDF[4.8MB] excel
33rd Period
2nd-Half 2017
PDF[0.4MB] PDF[4.3MB] PDF[4.3MB] zip[8.3MB]
32nd Period
1st-Half 2017
PDF[0.4MB] PDF[3.7MB] PDF[5.9MB] zip[9.2MB]
31st Period
2nd-Half 2016
PDF[0.4MB] PDF[4.2MB] PDF[7.1MB] zip[10.7MB]
30th Period
1st-Half 2016
PDF[0.4MB] PDF[4.5MB] PDF[4.5MB] zip[8.4MB]
29th Period
2nd-Half 2015
PDF[0.3MB] PDF[4.1MB] PDF[4.0MB] zip[7.8MB]
28th Period
1st-Half 2015
PDF[0.3MB] PDF[4.7MB] PDF[3.4MB] zip[7.6MB]
27th Period
2nd-Half 2014
PDF[0.3MB] PDF[4.1MB] PDF[3.8MB] zip[7.1MB]
26th Period
1st-Half 2014
PDF[0.3MB] PDF[5.0MB] PDF[3.3MB] zip[7.7MB]
25th Period
2nd-Half 2013
PDF[0.5MB] PDF[4.5MB] PDF[6.1MB] zip[9.5MB]
24th Period
1st-Half 2013
PDF[0.2MB] PDF[3.1MB] PDF[5.7MB] zip
23rd Period
2nd-Half 2012
PDF[0.1MB] PDF[4.7MB] zip
22nd Period
1st-Half 2012
PDF[0.1MB] PDF[5.3MB] zip
21st Period
2nd-Half 2011
PDF[0.1MB] PDF[6MB] zip
20th Period
1st-Half 2011
PDF[0.1MB] PDF[4.1MB] zip
19th Period
2nd-Half 2010
PDF[0.3MB] PDF[3.4MB] zip
18th Period
1st-Half 2010
PDF[0.1MB] PDF[4.1MB] zip
17th Period
2nd-Half 2009
PDF[0.1MB] PDF[4.9MB] zip
16th Period
1st-Half 2009
PDF[0.1MB] PDF[4.4MB] zip
15th Period
2nd-Half 2008
PDF[0.1MB] PDF[4.8MB] zip
14th Period
1st-Half 2008
PDF[0.1MB] PDF[2.7MB] zip
13th Period
2nd-Half 2007
PDF[0.1MB] PDF[3.5MB] zip
12th Period
1st-Half 2007
PDF[0.5MB] PDF[2.2MB] zip
11th Period
2nd-Half 2006
PDF[0.5MB] PDF[1.5MB] zip
10th Period
1st-Half 2006
PDF[0.5MB] PDF[0.6MB] zip
9th Period
2nd-Half 2005
PDF[0.5MB] PDF[1.6MB] zip
8th Period
1st-Half 2005
PDF[0.5MB] PDF[1.4MB] zip
7th Period
2nd-Half 2004
PDF[0.5MB] PDF[1.1MB] zip
6th Period
1st-Half 2004
PDF[0.5MB] PDF[1MB] zip
5th Period
2nd-Half 2003
PDF[0.4MB] PDF[1.3MB] zip
4th Period
1st-Half 2003
PDF[0.5MB] PDF[0.9MB] zip
3rd Period
2nd-Half 2002
PDF[0.3MB] PDF[1.2MB] zip
2nd Period
1st-Half 2002
PDF[0.3MB] PDF[1.4MB] zip
1st Period
Mar.-Dec. 2001
PDF[0.5MB] PDF[1.5MB] zip
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Articles of Incorporation

Distribution Per Unit
Actual42nd Period (1H/2022) 13,476yen
Forecast43rd Period (2H/2022) 11,500yen
44th Period (1H/2023) 11,500yen
Portfolio Data
Number of
Asset Size(Total Acquisition Price)
(Contract base)
1,436.9billion yen
As of August. 31, 2022
Occupancy Rate 96.6%
As of June. 30, 2022
Financial Data
42nd Period (1st-Half 2022)

Investor Meeting(webcast)