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Corporate Governance

  • Governance Structure
  • Management Structure
  • Basic Compliance Principle

Governance Structure

It is stipulated that NBF should have one or more Executive Director and no more than four Supervisory Directors (provided, the number of Supervisory Directors should be the number of Executive Directors plus 1 or more). Please click here to see the composition of the Board of Directors.

NBF’s Executive Director is not at the same time an executive of NBFM, the asset management company.

The organization of NBF consists of the General Meeting of unitholders composed of unitholders, one Executive Director, three Supervisory Directors and the Board of Directors composed of all Directors, as well as Accounting Auditors.

For details of the following organization of NBF please refer to " Structure of the Investment Corporation: Matters Concerning the Governance of the Investment CorporationPDF[1.6MB]":

  • ・General Meeting of unitholders
  • ・Audit by Executive Director and Supervisory Directors, and the Board of Directors Meeting
  • ・Accounting Auditor
  • ・Internal management and audit organization, personnel and procedures of Supervisory Directors
  • ・Internal management, audit by Supervisory Directors and mutual collaboration with the Accounting Auditor
  • ・Status of establishment of management systems in affiliated companies by the Investment Corporation
Distribution Per Unit
Actual38th Period (1H/2020) 10,986yen
Forecast39th Period (2H/2020) 11,000yen
40th Period (1H/2021) 11,330yen
Portfolio Data
Number of
Asset Size(Total Acquisition Price) 1,385.0billion yen
As of Nov. 16, 2020
Occupancy Rate 98.9%
As of Nov. 30, 2020
Financial Data
38th Period(First-Half 2020)

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